More Tools

I recently attended a quarterly tool meet with the Ohio Tool Collectors Association. The meetings take place throughout the state.  This one was in Grand Rapids, Ohio, near Toledo.  I always assume the basic stuff will be found in abundance, and you never know what else you’ll uncover.

  Here is a fine example of a Bailey 4-1/2.   The asking price was $45, which made me think something was wrong with it.  I gave it a good going over, and gladly forked over the cash.??????????  ??????????

Here is an interesting 90° drill. The chuck is very tight, the gears smooth, and the handle will turn a full 180° for just the right angle.  ??????????  ??????????  ??????????

I don’t usually expect to find tools for useful at work, but this time I did. A trio of Vise-grip clamps and a set of screw extractors.  The clamps are the older, heavy duty, made in USA models. ??????????

Here is a very interesting corner brace. The spring chuck is perfect and it has a tight ratchet assembly.  The double handle (on the right) spins to allow a good grip without hampering the boring process.  ??????????


I’ve been following Peter Follansbee’s blog for a while, and have taken an interest in his work. I came across this Plumb hatchet and grabbed it right away.  It is a single bevel and feels very nice in my hand.

??????????  ??????????

Speaking of Peter, I also bought one of his serving spoons. This one is apple, and the pictures don’t do the details justice. The handle has beautiful chip carving, and the balance is perfect.

??????????  ??????????


Wood molding planes have also peaked my interest lately. I bought 3 from Falcon Wood; a 3/8” cove with a bevel, a 3/16” cock bead, and a 7/16” side bead.

?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ??????????

They are all in very good condition and just need a bit of tuning.  I’ll have them working in a week or two.

I also just ordered a ¼” side bead from them. I should have it in a few days.

Here is an unusual saw; a Diston #9 with the improved Reagan handle. It is a 4/5 back saw, which allows the tip to get into tight spaces.


Lastly, I bought a nice piece of figured cocobolo and 2 pieces of ebony. Now I need to build something worthy of such rare woods.



Let’s go build something.

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