Rust Hunting Part 2

Here is my latest set of recently acquired tools. Some came from a Midwest Tool Collectors swap and the rest from local flea markets.

??????????The tool chest is gorgeous and the perfect size. The handles and corners are original hardware, but the lid stop and lock were replaced with a new. The apron hides a lower drawer with a very simple latching device.  ??????????

??????????Here are some great block planes, a Bailey #3, and a smaller wooden body and transitional.


I also got some nothing special jack planes. They include a few Sergeants, a Defiance, and an Eclipse.

I grabbed a tiny wooden smoother, and beautiful English radius plane, and a couple of mortising gauges. To me, these gauges are like clamps and underwear… you never have enough.


A couple of screw drivers, couple of 12” combination squares, a ratted out 151 spokeshave, and a 1-1/2 auger. The auger will be sent to Tillers International, in Scotts Michigan. In their many good deeds, they use the 1-1/2” auger to make yokes for driving oxen and draft horses.


Lastly, I got an Eagle sliding bevel, a few sets of Starrett framing square buttons, and a couple sets of chest handles.

If you’re not a member, consider joining the MWTCA. Go to for more information.

Remember to get into your shop and make something, anything.  Just have fun.

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