Rust Hunting, Part 1

It’s been a good spring of “Rust Hunting.” I frequent a few flea markets and antique stores in a 3 hour radius from home. They are always hit or miss, but a few people, who know what I’m looking for, will hold something I might be interested in. I also recently joined the Midwest Tool Collectors Association, and attended a tool meet in Kalamazoo, MI. It was a bit longer of a drive for me, but well worth the trip. In no particular order, let me share what I’ve acquired…

Here are a few of the braces I’ve recently collected. These 10 are part of about 30 that have come my way by flea market or auction. Four of them were recently bought in an auction lot for $5.00. The same lot also contained a mixed assortment of wrenches and 2 block planes, which I’ll get to.


Here are a few user planes. No rare gems, but all solid. The front left is a Dunlop size 4, with a Sargent next to it. In the back, left, is a Stanley Bailey pattern 4, another Dunlop, and a Millers Falls. The Millers Falls was sitting on a tarp at the July 4 flea market, all by itself, with a $1.00 price tag on it. I didn’t even argue with the guy.


Next, are a couple of moulding planes. The left is a Tod Herrli ¼” ovolo, and the right is a #12 round.


Here is a very nice assortment of bench planes, all worth their respective price tags. On the left, front, is a Stanley #2. They do not fall in the typical type study range, so I have not yet figured out its age, but at $75 it’s worth it. Also included are a Stanley #3, a pair of #4’s, a type 12 Bailey #5, and a #5-1/2.


I also found a Sargent 410, which is equivalent in size to a #4-1/2.


Here is a bunch of layout and other miscellaneous tools. ??????????

There is a Stanley #61 and an unknown marking gauge that are solid. I also got a Stanley #76 and a Rabone mortise gauge and an unknown maker panel gauge.

A pair of cross peen hammers, a pair a reamers (1-1/4” and 1-1/2”), a pair of countersinks, a leather punch, a Stanley #18 sliding bevel, a pair of squares, and a clamshell saw jointer will fill a drawer. To finish out this bunch is a pair of Stanley #49 auger depth stops. One is nickel plated, pre-WWII, and the other is a japanned war time model.


Earlier, I mentioned the auction lot with some block planes. Here are my recent finds. A Stanley #140 skew, a 60-1/2 LAAM, a 9-1/2 SAAM, a newer #220, and a Millers Falls #45. There is also a #80 cabinet scraper. ??????????

There’s more to tell, but I have to get back to work.

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