Seat Making Day (At Last)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013: The seat is composed of a ½” plywood base, 4” of high density foam, and the outer upholstery layer; in our case, leather. The plywood base, which becomes the template, should be sized about ⅛” smaller (on each dimension) than the actual seat opening.


The leather is cut oversized and laid out flat, with the foam on top, and then the plywood base. Everything is compressed and the leather is folded up and over the base, then stapled in place. Once the tension is released, the foam expands, stretching the leather, and produces a very nice seat cushion.



With the upholstery complete, the cushion fits snugly into the chair.


I am now complete with all of my projects and need to gather my tools and clean my bench area. Then it’s time to pack the car and head for home.

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