I Hit a Milestone

Wednesday, July 31, 2013: I hit a milestone on the way back to camp last night. My car turned a whopping 200,000 miles! Only 39,600 to go and it’s been to the moon. I’m sure it will get there, I just don’t know about getting back.


I spent the day completing some odds and ends, mainly shop tools and a box for my son. After, I gathered all of my tools, cleaned the school’s tools and stored them, then cleaned up my bench space.

Several of us went for dinner. John is a retired dentist and dental professor. Ed is a physicist, Ray a retired government inspector, and Sylvain builds golf courses. We ate dinner, talked nonsense, and had a good time. This will be my last meal with them, as I drive back to Cleveland in the morning.


While I am anxious to return home to see my children, I wish this class was not ending. I came here with some hand tool experience. I had taken a few classes, with some very good instructors. The major difference here is the associated bench time that came with the instruction. A full month, 6 days a week, 10 hours a day makes for a lot of practice. The teaching moment that comes with one person’s success or failure on a joint or technique is so valuable. So is the skill development that comes with each lesson.

Paul reminded us almost daily, that the course is not about making a project; it’s about making perfect joinery. Strive for that, and you will succeed. Succeed, and you will have some nice projects.


If you have ever considered taking one of Paul’s classes, do it, without hesitation.

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