I’ve Got Arms

Monday, July 29, 2013: I finished scribing my rocker tenons and installed the rockers. I just realized though, that I did not get a close-up picture to share, so you’ll have to squint.

I moved on to making my arms.


This was a daunting task, since I need to chop a mortise to fit a tenon, which cannot be test fit until the arm is cut, but the arm can’t be cut until the tenon fits, which can’t be tested until the arm is cut… Are you still following this? Anyway, it all worked out in the end.


I chopped the mortise, test fit it upside down and flipped end for end, then used the knife line to locate the back corner. Once I had the corner marked, I matched the rake angle of the back post and notched the arm. Now, I can test fit the mortise and tenon and make any necessary adjustments.

I also made the corbels, which will add some support to the wide front of the arm. I’m going to leave them off for now, so the chair will fit in the car for my trip home. I’ll also leave the arms off and remove the rockers.

Tomorrow, I should be moving on to upholstering the seat. The leather just arrived today, so the shop smells really good.


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