Chair Back Assemby is Glued


Thursday, July 25, 2013: Today went well. I completed all of my spindle mortises, 18 total. They were laid out to the arc and then drilled with a forstner bit. By drilling, instead of chopping, every mortise has the same depth. This is somewhat important for lining up 9 spindles in such a short space. Once drilled, the square mortise is laid out, which has to be parallel to the arc face, at each point on the arc. Each hole is chopped square, and then each spindle is fitted.

This process took about 2 hours to complete. The end results are very nice, since each spindle is fit to its own hole. Afterwards, this sub-assembly was fitted into the main back assembly for a dry fit. With all of the joinery in tip-top shape, I disassembled everything for planning, scraping, and sanding.

??????????  ??????????

I grabbed my classmate, Eric, and our shop assistant, Logan, and started gluing. With all glue-ups, it is important to rehearse the order, have enough clamps ready, and every piece laid out in the correct spot. With this done, I started gluing and clamping. I’m happy to say it looks very nice and all of the joinery met square and flush.


Since I am far ahead of most of the others, I turned my attention to helping another classmate. He has been having trouble with various tasks, and I offered to work his coffee table. He had the main joinery done, but none of the shaping. I got both leg assemblies shaped for him, and need to correct some shoulder misalignments. I’ll try to so that in the morning. Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll look over the rest of the joinery and try dry fitting the undercarriage. If I can get a handle on that, I will try to glue up the undercarriage for him on Saturday??????????.

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