Table Taking Shape and Tool Chest Done!

Friday, July 19, 2013: The table leg shaping is now complete, including the add-on blocks that complete the curves. All of the work related to these curves was completed with a chisel and spokeshave, and the edges and corners were all shaped with the spokeshave. I also chopped the 8 mortises on the inside of the apron, to accept the turn buttons, which will secure the table top.

001The last major table component is the lower stretcher. This is just a single piece of wood, but it has a through, rounded over, full tennon, which requires a substantial amount of work to be correct. I completed one of them today, and I was very please with it.


After the main class was over for the day, I went back to work on my tool chest. I am substantially completed, with only the personalization items to do. These things include drawer pulls, latch, maybe some carry handles, and certainly drawer dividers. I will most likely have to wait until I get home to do these. I will also apply a finish after the chest has acclimated at my house for a bit.


I took some time to help Ray, one of my classmates, cut his lid from the box and plane the rims. He should be able to finish that part tomorrow.

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