Making a Double Raised Panel Lid

Thursday, July 11, 2013: I cut all of the pieces to make the double raised panel lid and then went to work grooving them, chopping mortises, and finally fitting my tennons. Everything came together nicely, without gaps. We learned some more advanced techniques today that will be a real help.

After the stiles and rails were complete, I went to work on the 2 raised panels. I have one of them complete and fitted, and need to make the second. I used a Stanley #4 to do all of the work on raising the panel. It works nicely and gives good results. It’s also a lot less money than a specific panel raising plane.

A few tips for good door or lid results. Make sure your wood is no more than 10% moisture content, and let it fully acclimate to the shop. Plan ahead, because this could be several weeks or more if the wood is wet. Second, make sure it is joined to have 1 perfectly flat face and 1 perfectly square edge, and then take all of your marks from those 2 faces only, ever. Lastly, make your joinery as perfectly as possible. Super accurate layout, follow your layout precisely, and test fit often. Make your adjustments in tiny increments so you don’t take off too much.

I forgot to bring the camera back to camp, so I’ll have to upload pictures tomorrow.

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