Tool Chest Base

Wednesday, July 10, 2013:  Today was a good day.  I unclamped the carcass and planed down all of the joinery nubs.  I then smoothed the entire exterior of the carcass, and everything looked very nice.  Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of it; I’ll get one tomorrow.

Next component is the base.  It is a stile and rail frame with a plywood panel.  It is really just a dust seal, with absolutely no weight bearing on it.  You know what stile and rail means, don’t you?  If you guessed mortise and tennons, you are correct.

Paul teaches a method for chopping mortises that guarantees absolute accuracy every time, no matter what.  I’ve always had trouble with this joint.  Even my joints in the foundational course were not very good.  Today, every joint was a perfect fit, with an accuracy I have never experienced before.  The mortise hole was square to the edge, the tennon fit the hole like a hand in a well fitting glove, and the shoulders were gap free and planed out perfectly.


Next, I cut the panel to fit.  Allowing 1/16” clearance, I laid out the cuts, then made a knife wall on both sides, and cut the panel with a tennon saw.


It is then slipped into the groove, and the joints are glued.  As with any glue up, move swiftly and confidently.  Rehearse the order and have enough clamps at the ready.

Tomorrow, I’ll make the double raised panel lid.

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