July 8, 2013: It’s the first day of

July 8, 2013:  It’s the first day of class on the joiners tool box, and I am excited about this project.  I’m excited about all of them, but this project is one I can use just about every day.  The box is made of eastern white pine, and measures 24” wide, 18” deep, and 12” tall. It has 2 full size drawers at the bottom, and a top tray, with a hinged frame and panel top.

The carcass is dovetailed, as are the drawers.  The lid will be a raised panel, 2 panels actually, and the drawers will be divided for specific tools.  I believe Paul has a saw till in his top, for holding his main joinery saws, which would like as well.

Today started with Paul demonstrating the carcass layout and construction.  I’ve completed my carcass, which has 20 dovetails.   The front panel layout is completed while it is full width, then cut to allow for the drawers.  This cut off must be kept for the drawer faces, so the grain is continuous.  If you don’t save it, the grain pattern will not match.004

You can see the completed box in the background, as well as Paul working on his.


I checked out of Luzerne State Park this morning.  For the next 2 weeks, I’ll be at Moreau Lake State Park.  It is much closer, only about 20 minutes from school.  I have the tent set up, and now I’ll cook dinner and head to bed.

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