I stopped by New Legacy

Wednesday, July 3, 2013:  I stayed dry, despite showers through-out the night.  I packed up my electronics and went to the shower house.  Very nice private shower rooms with full bathroom make getting showered and dressed very easy.

The drive to New Legacy takes about 45 minutes.  There is a road closure along the way with a short detour.  It is a fairly nice drive, mostly country roads that twist and wind through the mountains.  Just a few minutes from New Legacy, the country side bursts to life with a much commercialized business district.  There will be plenty of places to eat and shop for supplies while I’m here.

I spoke with Paul and he invited me to stop by the school.  He was busy prepping material for the class.  The approach is very welcoming.


We spoke for over an hour while I checked out the facilities.  I have to say that Maplewood Center for Common Craft is top notch, and absolutely gorgeous.  Heavy timber framing never looked so good!




I picked out my bench and brought in my tools.  New Legacy provides a full complement of tools for the class, but I really wanted to get comfortable with mine.

I’m heading back to camp now.  I’ll gather fire wood for this evening and prepare for the first day of class!

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